Daftar Pencopet di Gerbong Kereta

Sebagai salah satu langkah untuk meminimalisir risiko pencopetan di gerbong kereta, para komuter sudah banyak melakukan share foto-foto tersangka di grup facebook KRL Mania. Namun karena postingan yang cukup intens di grup tersebut, orang-orang akan dengan mudah lupa foto pelaku pencopetan.

Agar rekan-rekan bisa lebih mudah mengingatnya, saya coba membuat kompilasi para pelaku pencopetan yang pernah dishare rekan-rekan yah:

.facebook_15395696221721. Pencopet yang ini tercyduk tanggal 15 Oktober 2018

-Lokasi di Universitas Indonesia

– Foto milik Fony Riyanti





.facebook_15395696627162. Pencopet yang ini tercyduk tanggal 16 April 2018

– Lokasi di KA 1931 Greenline

– Naik dari Stasiun Rawabuntu dan beraksi diantara Sudimara-Pondok Ranji

– Foto milik Nandha Firstya





3. Pencopet ini berhasil dibekuk pada 11 November 2017

– Lokasi penangkapan di Stasiun Jatinegara

– Foto Milik Herdy Aditya Rizky







4. Pencopet ini ditangkap tanggal 19 Oktober 2014

– Lokasi Penangkapan di Stasiun Bogor (Ada nama dan nomor KTPnya juga)

– Foto milik OM Leo




Foto-foto lainnya akan saya gabungkan besok yah

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The following appeared in a memo from a staff member of a local health care clinic:

“Many lives might be saved if inoculations agains cow flu were routinely administered to all people in areas where the disease is detected. However, since there is a small possibility that a person will die as a result of the inoculations, we can not permit inoculations against cow flu to be routinely administered.”

Consider how logical you find this argument. In your essay, be sure to discuss the line of reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument. For example, you may need to consider what questionable assumptions underlie the thinking and what alternative explanations or counterpoints might weaken the conclusion. You may also discuss what types of evidence would strengthen or refute the argument, what changes in the argument would make it more logically sound, and what, if anything, would help you better evaluate its conclusion.


To make it easier, i suggest reader to read a while tips to make good writing in my previous article. Now, let get started

The argument above states that inoculations against cow flu could be useful in combating the desease, but, due to the risk of death from the inoculations themselves, the vaccines should not be widely administered (paraphrasing the information). This argument relies on several unsupported assumptions and therefore fails to be persuasive (opinion).

The argument against widespread inoculations is rooted in the assumption that the risk of death from the inoculations is greater than the risk of death from cow flu. However, the author provides no evidence to support this key assumption. Without specific statistic regarding the death rates from inoculations and cow flu, we can not assume that one outweighs the other: cow flu and the inoculations may be equally risky, or cow flu may in fact be riskier than the inoculations. In addition, the language of the argument appears to contradict its primary assumption. The author states that “many lives” could be saved by inoculations, but there is a small possibility of death from the inoculations. There terms suggest that the risk from cow flu is greater that inoculations should not be routinely administered.

Additionally, the author takes an all or nothing position, suggesting that inoculation must be widely administered or not administered at all. This position ignores the possibility of variation in rates of infection and effect of the inoculation in different environments. The vaccine may pose a serious risk to those relatively unaffected by cow flu, while posing little risk to those most impacted by cow flu. In this case, vaccines administered to select portion of the population might save the most lives while putting the fewest lives in danger.

To make this argument persuasive, the author needs to present spesific evidence to support the argument’s assumptions. For instance, details regarding the number of deaths caused by cow flu and the vaccine would clarify the relative risks of the flu and the inoculations, allowing an accurate evaluation of the merits and risks of the vaccine. Also, a less extreme stance on inoculations-one that allowed for selective administration of the inoculations based upon an area’s risk for the desease-would provide a more realistic solution to the challenge of balancing the dangers of cow flu and inoculations. Without such changes, the conclusion of this argument remains unconvincing.

Oke, that is all for today guys. Tomorrow morning, i will take GMAT Exam. This structure really helps me to upgrade my writing skill.

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GMAT Preparation Part.1 (AWA)

Since i have to take GMAT test by next week, i need to start learning from now on about the GMAT. As we understand that GMAT test consists of 4 (four) sections of the following:

  1. Analytical Writing Assesment (AWA)
  2. Quantitive Section
  3. Verbal Section
  4. Integrated Reasoning Section

GMAT tes

As a blogger, i should not have any problem with writing. However, when it comes to English writing skill, i do have, since i am not used to writing english article.

Within this limited time, i am trying to study how to make a good essay by reading GMAT book published by Kaplan. In fact, writing assesment in GMAT is easier than in IELTS. In GMAT, our essay will be graded based on Structure, Evidence, Depth of Logic and Style. Please take notes that minor mispellings and other minor glitches will not impact our score in AWA.

Based on Kaplan’s book, there are 5 steps to make an essay:

Step 1 : Take apart the argument (2 minutes)

  • Read through the prompt to get a sense of its scope
  • Identify the author’s conclusion and the evidence used to support it
  • We can take about 2 minutes on this step

Step 2 : Select the points we will make (5 minutes)

  • Identify all the important gaps/assumptions between the evidence and the conclusion
  • Think of how we will explain or illustrate those gaps and under what circumstances the author’s assumptions would not hold true
  • Think about how the author could remedy these weaknesses.

Step 3 : Organize using Kaplan’s Essay Template (1 minutes)

  • Paragraph 1 -> show that you understand the argument by putting it in your own word
  • Paragraph 2 -> point out one flawed assumption in the author’s reasoning: explain why it is questionable
  • Paragraph 3 -> Identify another source of the author’s faulty reasoning: explain why it is questionable
  • Paragraph 4 -> continue to bring in points of fault in the argument or describe evidence that would-if it were provided-strengthen the argument
  • Last Paragraph -> conclude that without such evidence, we are not persuaded

Step 4 : Write our Essay (20 minutes)

  • Be direct
  • Use paragraph breaks to make our essay easier to read
  • Use transitions and structural keywords to link related ideas: it will help our writing flow
  • Finish strongly

Step 5 : Proofread our work (2 minutes)

  • Save enough time to read through the entire essay
  • Fix any spelling, grammar, syntax, or diction errors
  • Add any needed keywords to improve the flow of our ideas
  • Dont add any new ideas or change the structure of our essay

Oke, i think that’s all i could share for today. I will continue to part 2 next time

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IELTS-Speaking Test Preparation


Describe the neighborhood where you live.
The neighborhood i live in is right outside of the city. It is almost like living the city, except that it has houses instead of apartment buildings. The houses are small with small yards. People in the neighborhood really like to garden, so there are plethora of flowers and nice plants. It is very pretty. We are near a bus stop, so it is easy to get to the city. There are a few small stores that sell food and newspapers and things like that.

What do you like about living there?
What I like about my neighborhood is that it is close to the city. It is very easy to get to work. Also, it is not very expensive. I can afford to live there and not spend all money on living cost.

What do you dislike about your neighborhood?
My neighborhood is in a boring area. If i want to do something interesting like go to a movie or a concert or if I want to shop a good stores, I have to go to Jakarta. It is quiet, so it is good place to relax, but it is not a good place to have fun.

What kind of neighborhood would you like to live in?
When I start making more money, I am going to move into the city. I would like to live in a city neighborhood that it is full of activity. I would like to live near restaurants, stores and clubs. I would like to live in a place where I can walk out my front door and be right in the middle of everything.

Do you like walking? Why or Why Not?
I dont dislike walking, however i cant say that I particularly like it. I walk to the bus stop every day, and I often walk to the store because it is nearby. I walk to get places, but I never walk for fun. I dont think it is an interesting thing to do.

Are there places you can walk near your house?
There is a nice park not far from my house. It has pretty gardens and some walking trails through the woods. A lot of my neighbors go there to take walks. It is also easy to walk around my neighborhood because there are sidewalks everywhere.

Do people in your country like walking? Why or why not?
Walking is popular in my country. A lot of people walk for their health. In fact, there are walking clubs. Often, early in the mornings you can see groups of people walking around the neighborhood together. These are the walking clubs. They are together every morning, i think.

What other kinds of exercise do you enjoy?
I never walk for exercise, but I enjoy bike riding. I often ride my bike on weekends. I go wherever I can find bike trails. There are a lot of  them near where I live. When the weather is  bad, I go to the gym and use the exercise machine there. I really like doing that. I like swimming too. I swim with my friends every week.


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IELTS-Writing Test Preparation

Task 1

The diagrams show the components of a wood pellet stove and wood pellet boiler and how they are used to heat a house. When a wood pellet stove is used, first the wood pellets are fed into the fuel hopper. Then the pellets move through the fuel feed and into the combustion chamber, where they are burned. As they burn, the ashes drop into the ash pan below. The hot air from the burning rises to the combustion fan. It is blown out into the room by the fan. Smoke from the fire exits through the exhaust duct.

When a wood pellet boiler is used, the pellets are also fed into a hopper. From there, they move into the furnace, where they are burned. The ashes go into the ash receptacle and the smoke goes up the smoke stack. Cold water moves into the furnace, where it is heated by the burning pellets. The heated water moves into radiators, which heat each room of the house.

The major difference between the two systems is that the stove heats with hot air and the boiler heats with water.

Task 2

I agree that everybody, no matter what his or her level of academic ability, should be admitted to university programs. In the first place, everyone has the right to an education and no once can take this away. Also, people are generally attracted to educational programs that fit their interest and abilities. Finally, there are different university programs designed to fit different kinds of students.

Everybody has the right to an education, and this includes education beyond high school. Some people choose to go to a university while others choose some other form of training. No matter what form of education a person chooses, no one else has the right to make that choice for him or her.

People tend to choose educational programs that fir their interests and abilities. They do not need someone else to tell them what they can and cannot do. If a person is interested in studying Law, for example, it is probably because he or she fells it is something he or she likes and will do well at. Also, when students are interested in their program of study, they are motivated to work hard, even when some of the assignments are difficult for them.

There are all different kinds of university programs. There are programs that suit different interests, goals, and abilities. Because of this, there is no reason to deny a university education to anyone. There is something for everyone who wants it at the university level.

Everyone has the right to an education, including a university education if that is what he or she chooses. It should not be denied to anyone.


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Cari Uang itu Mudah (part.1) – Snapcart

Berdasarkan sabda Rasulullah, di akhir zaman nantinya semua orang tidak ada yang miskin. Riwayat Shahih Bukhari Rasulullah Saw. bersabda: “Bersedekahlah kalian, akan datang satu masa sedekah tidak akan lagi diterima oleh semua orang karena semua orang sudah berkecukupan.”

Nah, yang menjadi diskusi berikutnya. How come bisa berkecukupan padahal realita saat ini masih banyak orang yang berada dalam kondisi kemiskinan. Hadist tersebut tentu bukan dalam konteks untuk dipertanyakan karena sabda Rasullullah adalah suatu hal yang benar dan pasti terjadi. Salah satu indikasinya yang saya lihat adalah dengan banyaknya kemudahan mencari uang di jaman ini, tentunya bukanlah suatu hal yang negatif juga.

Dalam beberapa artikel kedepan, saya akan menuliskan beberapa contoh kemudahan-kemudahan dalam mencari uang. untuk kesempatan kali ini, saya akan share pengalaman mendapatkan uang dengan mudah dari Snapcart.

Snapcart1Apa itu Snapcart?

Snapcart adalah aplikasi di smartphone yang akan memberikan cashback/bonus kepada para penggunanya atas struk belanja yang telah diupload.

Harap menjadi perhatian bahwa struk belanja yang diupload bukanlah struk yang ditulis tangan yah namun hanya struk yang diprint saja.

Bagaimana caranya mendapatkan uang?

Bapak/Ibu yang budiman kan biasanya membeli barang tuh dan mendapatkan struk belanja yah. Nah, struk belanjanya jangan langsung dibuang. Dilihat-lihat dulu apakah sesuai dengan yang kita beli atau tidak. Setelah itu, baru deh siap untuk di-snap/difoto ke aplikasinya. Oiya, aplikasi snapcart ini juga tidak menerima struk yang sudah lebih dari 3 (tiga) dari tanggal belanjanya yah.

Setelah difoto, saldo Bapak/Ibu tidak otomatis bertambah karena perlu diverifikasi dulu oleh tim Snapcart.

Struk apa saja yang diterima oleh Snapcart?

  1. Grocery
  2. Kosmetik
  3. Obat obatan/Farmasi
  4. Makanan Segar
  5. Hypermarket
  6. Supermarket
  7. Minimarket
  8. Convenience Store
  9. Cash & Carry
  10. Apotek
  11. Toko Kosmetik
  12. Toko Susu Bayi
  13. Department Store (untuk pembelian dalam negeri bukan luar negeri)
  14. Toko lain dengan kasir yang legal

dan Struk apa yang tidak diterima oleh Snapcart?

  1. Restoran
  2. SPBU
  3. Toko buku
  4. ATM
  5. Mesin Parkir
  6. Mesin Tiket
  7. Struk yang ditulis tangan
  8. Salon kecantikan
  9. Toko Online
  10. Toko peralatan/furniture
  11. Tagihan/pembayaran/ voucher/token listrik
  12. Tagihan/pembayaran BPJS
  13. Pembayaran/isi ulang pulsa telepon
  14. Voucher game/permainan
  15. Barang barang elektronik
  16. Pembayaran belanja online
  17. Pembayaran cicilan
  18. Pakaian
  19. Mainan anak
  20. Peralatan olahraga
  21. Alat tulis
  22. Furnitur
  23. Bagian/perangkat otomotif
  24. Aksesoris hewan peliharaan

Terakhir, bisa dapat berapa sih dari hasil memfoto struk belanja ini?


Let’s have a look at the picture on the left side. Jadi setiap Bapak/Ibu berbelanja lebih dari 501.000/struk, Bapak/Ibu akan mendapatkan cash back sebesar Baca lebih lanjut

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Usul Rakyat Jakarta: LRT Jakarta Tahap 2 (Extension)

Oleh Andi Hendra Paluseri

Seperti yang kita ketahui bersama bahwa saat ini Pemerintah DKI melalui BUMDnya yaitu Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) tengah menyelesaikan pembangunan Light Rail Transit (LRT) tahap pertama dengan rute Kelapa Gading-Velodrome (5.8 km) yang progressnya per 8 Agustus 2018 sekitar 87-95%[1].

LRT Jakarta

Setelah proyek ini selesai, Pemerintah DKI akan melanjutkan pembangunan LRT tahap 2 dengan rute Velodrome-Rawamangun-Tanah Abang dengan skema Kerja Sama Pemerintah Daerah dengan Badan Usaha (KPDBU) dimana Jakpro yang akan bertindak sebagai Penanggung Jawab Proyek Kerjasama (PJPK). Direncanakan akan terdapat 10 stasiun yang akan dilewati oleh LRT tahap 2 ini.

Nah, sebagai rakyat jakarta timur yang juga sehari-hari melewati rute Velodrome menuju Tanah Abang, saya mempunyai saran agar rute LRT tahap 2 ini diperluas (extended). Tidak hanya ke arah barat (Tanah Abang) namun juga ke arah timur (Pulogebang). Berbekal dengan Google maps, saya coba memetakan rute LRT tahap 2 extension (Velodrome-Pulogebang) ini bila akhirnya memang disetujui oleh Pemerintah DKI yaitu sebagai berikut:

Usulan LRT

Rute-rute di atas adalah rute yang menurut saya paling minim sengketa pembebasan lahan karena sebagian besar melewati jalan besar.

Rute 1 (Velodrome-Kawasan Pulogadung) –> rute ini melewati jalan Pemuda. Memang akan sedikit menimbulkan kemacetan namun banyak jalan alternatif yang bisa dilalui oleh masyarakat bila jalan ini ditutup sementara.

Rute 2 (Kawasan Pulogadung-PIK Penggilingan) –> Untuk kawasan Pulogadung relatif tidak bermasalah karena 50% dimiliki Pemerintah Pusat dan 50% lagi sahamnya dimiliki oleh Pemda DKI. Kemudian nanti akan melalui sedikit saja lahan warga yang melewati jalan KRT Radjiman. Selanjutnya akan masuk ke Boulevard Jalan Perumahan Jatinegara Indah-East Park Apartement. Tenang, Boulevard di perumahan ini cukup besar sehingga tidak akan terlalu mengganggu masyarakat sekitar. Mumpung jalanan disini juga masih sepi. Oiya, di sebelah jalan terdapat Baca lebih lanjut

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