Direct command for Senior and Junior Staff KBL (jelek kali ditranslete pake google haha)

Well friends, despite the huge challenges ahead of us is always threatening, but believe me it was actually going to make us stronger in the future. This experience is definitely very valuable for learning we find in vehicle named North West Cafeteria. Early management of active living 10 weeks we will maximize the realization of creative ideas that convey the brother of the previous (Now there is also an idea that has been revised brother).

Ok, now we enter the general tasks and alerts in the past:
1. Both the Head, senior and junior staff are advised (by sesangat sangatnya to do) to find 10 menus of food and drink menus are visible 5 to be realized in the KBL. From any source. Hardcopy collected Monday, 20 September 2010
2. Starting 20 September it was enacted Head Monthly, please seriously well done mate. Schedule reminder
Teguh = 20/9-19/10, Inna = 20/10-19/11, Teguh = 20/11-18/12, Soleh = early january
3. All employees of KBL and Administrators will be briefing and clean the KBL on Saturday, September 18, 2010. 9:00 pm I hope that has been able to come back to Bandung.
4. Do not forget to submit your class schedule to fix hp brother, or send them to excel

Well, now we get into individual tasks:
1. Teguh:
-Because you are first, please sixth commandment Head well executed better.
-Guh do market survey again, I need the data immediately. Because the price adjustment has been made
-You are most responsible for cleaning KBL yah later date Sept. 18. in bandung right?

2. Inna:
-Na, do not forget the junior staff rapport well.
-Data2 for help yesterday that the price adjustment kirimin’ve typed into my email na, thx
A list-price adjustment on the wall would be replaced anytime KBL na?, Please executed before entering college, well, make markers also gapapa, invite Gaby ngerjainnya aja
-Oh yes, please jarkomin all employees to make collector dated 18 / 9. 9.00 no.hp they exist in this note

3. Muktar:
-Yesterday, Rini sms, I forgot he also get THR, Myspace aja made additional paper (or writing gpplah also hand in a list of salaries of employees in the secretary).
HP-KBL so how, no.nya’ve indication to you right from the fafa? ym username: password kbl_itb (haha.. everyone must taulah) My Myspace sms
-Do not forget to make the make ajarin kang yana ym from the new hp. If a month until the DS is not walking as well. Then a reduction of employees will soon do.
-Please you fikirkan division of labor that should be it how? right because we only make one floor. you do not forget to come on saturday well.

4. Soleh:
– Still sick?
– Sol, yesterday performed the same job PMD many junior staff. promotion is now more gencar2nya KBL Delivery Service please come help, too
– I plan to replace the ‘Competition Period KBL’ to ‘Culinery Class’ is also need to campaign but remains responsible Mimi

1. Precious
– In, please make dipake cariin chef clothes kang paragraph, because I plan to make culinery class, open to anyone aja [prefer to anak2 kokesma] Myspace is taught to cook, bake, make the drink aja kang paragraph
– Do not forget the place of observation tasks (WKG shadow)

2. Rama
– You begin to focus on longer WKG well, because I’ll eat my scholarship and a focus Reni aja
– Not you like the photo, haha .. please foto2in all part of the KBL. plans would be made kenang2an book
– Do not forget to book meals for 100 scholarships tail (er among 100 people haha)

3. Revelation
-Yu, DS KBL her employee nametag already finished right?
-If already completed, Myspace focus to WKG again yah. need to focus there
-If can create campaign bantuin Soleh culinery classnya way yu

4. Ichal
-Please, you are near to the employee directly, because it has been projected to start your personnel
Mimi-you make culinery bantuin class, class culinery then what? Myspace clay in parts Mimi
KBL-there are several spaces that can be painted and drawn, to draw what’s up, my Myspace tunjukin spacenya

-Nic, for KBL DS gmana box, air can be purchased?
-Oiya, please search tau aja dong what existing franchise in Bandung, this was possible sebanyak2nya. Myspace went to college I have thx. Hardcopy yah

– Fa, love the cards you’ve yet to Mukhtar?
-Oiya, yesterday at the revelation so to the unit / set g? make ngasi notice letter?
-Please design a better recent announcement, about KBL DS, this was possible ym ama no.hpnya in really big fonts

-Adinda Mimi, brother will be a lot of talk in your department
oiya, after the brother mikir2 would be better if we relented from cooking competitions 8’EH aja, kalopun prefer not join. Because I want, this is a show you guys.
Well, his new brother liat tuh nosy, and googling on the internet .. then pikiranpun lost in imagination to realize the powerful Culinary CLASS, other than beneficial for you as well (especially junior staff KBL), the show was g complicated but still well liked.
SOPnya like this:
– A chef came up with the chef wear
– KBL has diberesin place for such a class Culinary program, arranged like a circle or terraced benches, cooking utensils and bahan2nya was prepared.
– Chef explains how to cook the food / baking / making drinks at once notify aja prescription what is used by chefs (we ask for the premiere of aja kang clause which became a chef, because he is a former restaurant chef lho)
– At the end of the event, participants are welcome to enjoy the fruits of this class Culinary, and also held a poll, what the menu will be held next. This event can be done in two weeks if possible until the end of the semester sekali.Jadi 4x already lasted Culinary class.
Gmana Adinda?
his brother was disappointed not show change?

8. Gaby
-Gab, do not forget Myspace fitted for college already existing form Fridaynya Charity yah ..
-Deck, you’re the brother told a lot of menus created nyari food / drink yah.jangan forget
WKG focus on longer-well, maybe Myspace contacted the revelation. It would be very proud of you, if it can be realized WKG.

9. Annisa
-Deck, so it’s also the personnel staff, do not forget the acquaintance of many employees ama
Focus on longer-yah WKG
Mimi at the Culinary-class bantuin

10. Reni
– Deck, Myspace Sunday 19 / 9 you can g to the secretary? scholarship selection officers ate two of us (you as a PJ, I as Head) selecting first form that has already signed in, Myspace seninnya last day of our collection selection again
– Mimi at the Culinary class Bantuin well.

oh yes, this is no HP employees and board KBL
A. Employee
Chiko 0899 7898 085
Clause 0819 1002 7931
Ade 0813 2222 6559
Anga 0815 1454 0703
Engkus 0857 2375 2369
Jajang 022 530 556 (This phone no, g need di.sms)
Jujun 0813 2161 1916
Lis 0813 9549 0134
Rini 0856 2248 664
there are four employees of pending ngasi no.nya [which is quite aja]

B. Administrator
Andi 0857 6262 3579
Inna 0859 2904 0026
Muktar 0856 4747 3994
Soleh 0856 3101 166
strong 0856 2460 8190

finka 0856 2421 2925
fafa 0856 5531 6279
Gaby 0856 6406 1166
ical 0857 2924 3597
Mimi 0856 9567 9725
nico 0819 3259 5036
dormitory 0852 2250 3010
Reni 0812 1471 467
adi 0856 9576 0800
revelation 0857 3665 3733

We Prove That We Are full of creativites

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