My Dreams for 10 Years

I have studied 7 semesters in Bandung Institute of Technology. Now, It’s time to make final project. I got confused before. About what I will do after I finished my study. Just work, make a family, and the last get death? Uhh.. No, how boring my life is.

Now, I try to make simple planning. (actually not a really simple). I wanna make my planning start from now until 2020.

March- June, 2011 : Final Session Bachelor Degree

April, 2011                 : Establishing my own business

July, 2011                  : Having my Bachelor Degree

January, 2012          : take Unit Job Training in Electrical State of Company Indonesia (PLN), starting to save money

March- June, 2012 : Final Session Master Degree

July, 2012                  : Having my Master Degree

Dec,12-2012             : Getting Married (with whom? dunno!)

2014                             : Go to Brazil (It’s serious, I’m really hipnotized by world cup after seeing World Cup in South Africa)

2015                             : Make a sweet home for my family

2016                             : Take a Doctoral Course [ I wanna go to French and study there]

2017-2019                : Geeting new wife (haha… Just Kidding). Maybe still focus on my doctoral course

2020                            : Make a Muslim Channel in Indonesia (expanding my own business)


Tentang andihendra

Andi hendra paluseri adalah perantau asal medan yang menyelesaikan pendidikannya S1 di ITB jurusan teknik elektro (Tenaga Listrik).
Pos ini dipublikasikan di kisah hidupku. Tandai permalink.

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