Tawaran Konferensi Internasional SUSTAIN 2011 di Kyoto, Japan

The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Future for Human Security


Kihada Hall, Uji Campus – Kyoto University

Kyoto – Japan, 8-9 October 2011


Call for Paper

The SUSTAIN 2011 (Sustainable Future for Human Security) is the second international conference held by PPI (Indonesian Student Association) in Kyoto, Kansai and collaborated with Global Center of Education and Research (GCOE) Kyoto University. This conference has attracted a lot of attention both inside and outside of Japan. Participants from inside and outside Japan are expected to make presentation during 2 days consecutive conference.

The objectives of SUSTAIN 2011 are:

  • To provide a forum for international researchers community to discuss, share and exchange their latest research progress in relation with sustainable future issues.
  • To develop and promote a sustainable networking between participants to hold human securities and bridging ideas into policies and desired realities.
  • To broaden information access for scientific communities toward global scientific, technology and engineering societies.
  • To empower Asian in general and South East Asia in particular for research collaboration, network and partnership among researcher communities and decision makers.

We would like to invite anyone who are interested to attend this conference and discuss together on how to make our life more sustainable in the future. We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.


The scope of SUSTAIN 2011 encompasses but is not limited to:

1. Energy and Environment (EnE)
– Renewable energy
– Energy alternative (ex. Nuclear fusion technology)
– Energy Efficiency and low energy buildings
– Energy scenario and planning
– Sustainable municipal solid waste management
– Climate change mitigation and adaptation
– Sustainable consumption and production

2. Sustainable Agriculture (A)
– Food production and technology
– Food safety
– Food and agriculture process engineering
– Breeding technology
– Tropical forest management and technology
– Tropical biodiversity
– Pest control and management
– Water resources and management.

3. Sustainable Cities and Rural in Tropical Hemisphere Countries (C)
– Educating Future Architects: Sustainability as The Norm
– Design: Creativity and Adaptability
– Towards a Grand Scenario: Policy for Sustainable Growth
– Structure, Geo-technique and Construction Materials
– Transportation and Urban Design
– Construction Technology and Value Management
– Sustainable buildings and constructions
– Buildings (life cycle cost, energy and impact analysis)
– Heritage conservation
– Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Structures

4. Advance Technology (AT)
– Advances in geosciences
– Information Communication and Technology
– Biotechnology
– Nanotechnology
– Aerospace and astrophysics

5. Natural Hazard (NH)
– Hydrology and Water Management
– Sanitation and Waste Management
– Geosciences contribution in geohazards and mitigation

6. Molecular and Genetic Approaches in Human Diseases Management (ED)
– Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Carcinogenesis
– Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Degenerative Diseases
– Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Autoimmune Diseases and Allergy
– Molecular Technology in Human Diseases Management

7. Social Science (S)
– Sustainable democratization
– Democracy and conflict resolution
– Democratization dynamics: view from the field
– Democracy: between globalization, regionalization, and localization

– Political Economy


July 31, 2011           Extended Abstract Submission Deadline 

August 31,  2011   Notification of Acceptance

September 30,  2011 Registration Deadline

October 8 – 9,  2011 Conference

October 31, 2011   Final Full Paper Submission Deadline

(Only presented paper will be included and published in the SUSTAIN 2011 proceeding – ISSN : 1884-8850)

Tentang andihendra

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