Lets realize our dream

Ok, i promise to start using more english in my blog.

I will explain about dreams, especially my dream here. Everyhuman must have dreams to make their life meaningful including me. Every your achievement come from  your actions. Every action come from your desire and dream make someone to have desire.

As Engineer, i want to advance my skills by doing something not only reading textbook. After having many experiences for 5 years, i want to get master degree education. I prefer continue in abroad than in Indonesia because i want to get new horizons and disciplines.

Not only continue education but also marry someone in 3 years. We together build happy family (not happy puppy :D, my favourite karaoke place). She accompanies me through our lives. I hope you dont think that i am anxious for getting married as soon as possible. This is just my plan and My God who determine all.

last but not the least, I want to be filantrophy as I said in previous articles. Filantrophy is person who give his money to develop unlucky family. Firstly, i will give scholarship for some children and they must teach other children something useful in place which i have prepared. After that, i will start build social community where people in that community are poor families who given some job as their skills. Finally, i will build this type of social community in other cities in Indonesia.

Tentang andihendra

Andi hendra paluseri adalah perantau asal medan yang menyelesaikan pendidikannya S1 di ITB jurusan teknik elektro (Tenaga Listrik).
Pos ini dipublikasikan di pengalaman di ITB. Tandai permalink.

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  1. Deka berkata:

    Staff March 23rd Hi Jesus, Ok, you clearly have a point to make. This one time I’m going to dump the Google ttaoslarinn here, so that others can judge. But this is an English language site and we don’t have an auto-translate app, so I’d appreciate it if you could stick to English from here on 🙂 The issue of sustainability is that it is an umbrella concept as tourism . The key is sustainable development is the realization of sustainability. The problem is not that there are many certifications, is like understanding of sustainable development which should apply. It is always a matter of education and training at all levels. Within the type of business / tourism is certified clients do not know the real meaning and most of the staff nor the certification contained in a cuadro.Eso not mean that no exceptions and there are companies who are making an effort to transfer sustainability. What is really important but not the certification training and that all involved recognize how it affects them and their environment and how they should implement sustainable development in their work. Sustainability is the new paradigm of the century and just need to make a display of what happens in the world to affirm that we are still very unsustainable. One example was yesterday WORLD WATER DAY

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