What is LNG?

Maybe, you have thought about the title of this blog that there is no relation the title with the content. Ok, Let me give basic explanation about LNG now.

LNG stands for Liquified Natural Gas. It is primarily methane, colorless, odorless and non-toxic. To get LNG, Natural Gas must be supercooled to a liquid at -260°F (-162.2°C).

Because of this, Liquefying natural gas reduces its volume by more than 600 times, making it more practical for storage and transportation.
Methane is only flammable at air concentration mixtures of 5%-to-15%. At a higher concentration there is not enough oxygen to sustain a flame, while at a lower concentration the fuel becomes too diluted to ignite.

LNG is different with LPG. What are the differences?. LNG is not at all explosive or flammable in its liquid state. So, it is safer than LPG. Maybe, you are thinking now. Why do we use LNG for cooking?. Actually, i have not got the consideration about that yet. If you know, i would be grateful for your information.

Ok, that’s all i wanna explain. If you have any comment and recommendation, please do not hesitate to give here.

Tentang andihendra

Andi hendra paluseri adalah perantau asal medan yang menyelesaikan pendidikannya S1 di ITB jurusan teknik elektro (Tenaga Listrik).
Pos ini dipublikasikan di LNG-Pertamina. Tandai permalink.

3 Balasan ke What is LNG?

  1. Stefan berkata:

    On the LNG exports, doesn’t it take a prttey complicated and expensive not to mention potentially dangerous process to liquify natural gas? It then has to be kept at a very low temperature when shipped, so this requires energy transfer also. I guess what I am asking, wouldn’t it be smarter to use the ng here by improving the infrastructure rather than an attempt to monetize it through export? The reduction of an import is the same as the increase of the same dollar of export and the use domestically requires a process that is alot less dangerous to the city or communities involved.

  2. Anonim berkata:

    Minta penjelasan dalam bahasa Indonesia juga ya? Seandainya LNG bukan bahan yang dapat terbakar, apakah LNG dapat menghasilkan api seperti LPG? Sorry saya nggak ngerti soal bahan-bahan yang terkandung dalam LNG di atas.Lalu, LPG sendiri singkatan dari apa? Selain masalah keamanana, perbedaan antara LPG dengan LNG apa lagi ya? Sorry banyak tanya, soalnya gak banyak tahu…

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