Meeting Simulation

We have been studying meeting simulation since last week. Today,it is the time to prove that how far we have studied. Now, let me to explain what i will present in the meeting as chairman.

Opening :

Good afternoon Members of Board
Today we will discuss about sponsorship for Komodo Island. It will be presented by Mr.XXXX (as presentator)
Before we start our meeting, let’s Ms XXXX (as secretary) read the outline of this discussion.

Ok, thanks Ms XXXX,
Now, Please Mr Andra.. let’s present the topic
The floor is yours

(for interrupting)
Sorry Mr XXXX
Your question is very good
but it’s better to let Mr Andra finishes first

(Discussion section)

Ok, thanks Mr.XXXX
Now, let’s begin to discuss and decide our decision

Because most of us agree to give sponsorhip for Komodo Island campaign.

Ok, i think we covered everything
We will meet again next month, see you

Tentang andihendra

Andi hendra paluseri adalah perantau asal medan yang menyelesaikan pendidikannya S1 di ITB jurusan teknik elektro (Tenaga Listrik).
Pos ini dipublikasikan di pengalaman di ITB. Tandai permalink.

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