Indonesia is not just Bali (Part 1)

When i visited South Africa last year, i was surprised because there’s no-one who knew where Indonesia is. Meanwhile, they knew about Malaysia. Whereas, i had said that Indonesia is the biggest muslim country in the World. It still didnt make them discover Indonesia.

However, when i said ‘do you know Bali’. They totally knew about that place. Ok, I was sure that it’s my job to introduce Indonesia to them. Fortunately, There is Cape Malay in Cape Town city. So, i can let them know that Citizen in Cape malay originally came from Celebes Island, Indonesia. Although the name is Cape malay, it doesnt mean that it is from Malaysia. I think because malaysia and Indonesia are from one race, Malay. So, people can say ‘Malay’ which refer to Indonesia and Malaysia citizen.

Ok, let’s move on to other case. On  Thursday (15/12), Han Geng, ex-Super Junior, came to Jakarta and said same thing that he taught that Indonesia is only bali. What the hell!! where is Indonesia’s Tourism Department?. Did they do something to make people in the world know about Indonesia?. You know that the Paradigm is the common issue. Not only Africa citizen but also many people in this World.

I am so sure that if they know Indonesia is a large country, the number of tourists will increase significantly. There are so many places in Indonesia that can make them amazed. Let’s say :

1. Lake Toba (in North Sumatera)

There is information that Lake Toba is the active volcano and which has made Dinosaurus extinct. It is the largest lake in the South Asia.

2. Ngarai Sianok ( In West Sumatera)

It is a valley in West Sumatera and is often called as “Dream Land of Sumatera”

[i will continue other Indonesia’s amazing places in order to make you understand how great Indonesia is.]

Tentang andihendra

Andi hendra paluseri adalah perantau asal medan yang menyelesaikan pendidikannya S1 di ITB jurusan teknik elektro (Tenaga Listrik).
Pos ini dipublikasikan di pengalaman di ITB. Tandai permalink.

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