GMAT Preparation Part.1 (AWA)

Since i have to take GMAT test by next week, i need to start learning from now on about the GMAT. As we understand that GMAT test consists of 4 (four) sections of the following:

  1. Analytical Writing Assesment (AWA)
  2. Quantitive Section
  3. Verbal Section
  4. Integrated Reasoning Section

GMAT tes

As a blogger, i should not have any problem with writing. However, when it comes to English writing skill, i do have, since i am not used to writing english article.

Within this limited time, i am trying to study how to make a good essay by reading GMAT book published by Kaplan. In fact, writing assesment in GMAT is easier than in IELTS. In GMAT, our essay will be graded based on Structure, Evidence, Depth of Logic and Style. Please take notes that minor mispellings and other minor glitches will not impact our score in AWA.

Based on Kaplan’s book, there are 5 steps to make an essay:

Step 1 : Take apart the argument (2 minutes)

  • Read through the prompt to get a sense of its scope
  • Identify the author’s conclusion and the evidence used to support it
  • We can take about 2 minutes on this step

Step 2 : Select the points we will make (5 minutes)

  • Identify all the important gaps/assumptions between the evidence and the conclusion
  • Think of how we will explain or illustrate those gaps and under what circumstances the author’s assumptions would not hold true
  • Think about how the author could remedy these weaknesses.

Step 3 : Organize using Kaplan’s Essay Template (1 minutes)

  • Paragraph 1 -> show that you understand the argument by putting it in your own word
  • Paragraph 2 -> point out one flawed assumption in the author’s reasoning: explain why it is questionable
  • Paragraph 3 -> Identify another source of the author’s faulty reasoning: explain why it is questionable
  • Paragraph 4 -> continue to bring in points of fault in the argument or describe evidence that would-if it were provided-strengthen the argument
  • Last Paragraph -> conclude that without such evidence, we are not persuaded

Step 4 : Write our Essay (20 minutes)

  • Be direct
  • Use paragraph breaks to make our essay easier to read
  • Use transitions and structural keywords to link related ideas: it will help our writing flow
  • Finish strongly

Step 5 : Proofread our work (2 minutes)

  • Save enough time to read through the entire essay
  • Fix any spelling, grammar, syntax, or diction errors
  • Add any needed keywords to improve the flow of our ideas
  • Dont add any new ideas or change the structure of our essay

Oke, i think that’s all i could share for today. I will continue to part 2 next time

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Andi hendra paluseri adalah perantau asal medan yang menyelesaikan pendidikannya S1 di ITB jurusan teknik elektro (Tenaga Listrik).
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